AFT Networks is revolutionizing the speed and efficiency of processing customer financial and marketing data, resulting in greater sales volume for business owners. We offer complete, self-contained financial and marketing support that is scalable to the needs of the business.  The benefits for the business are exponentially increased sales and revenue.

All of us here at AFT Networks are committed to helping business owners be  successful.  We strive to remove barriers and streamline the marketing and financial process between providers and customers.

This is accomplished through the SmartMedia Platform that includes both a mobile app and web-based application, which is uniquely tailored to each provider. The SmartMedia Platform is based on 3 Components. The First is the VIP Savings to promote the business to Customers. The second is financing customers, which will produce more financially eligible customers, more sales and a significant increase in revenue.  The Third is Social Media building to expand the reach of the business to a greater Network of people.. These are the solution that AFT Networks offers.


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Marketing & Finance

We develop ideas and analyses that drive new perspectives, new products and new paths to growth. We realize that the economic business model of old sometimes does not work, and that the current and future business will be successful through the use of technology to improve speed, ease and efficiency.